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China denies Equifax hack after Justice Department charged four military hackers

The US Justice Department on Monday charged four members of China's People's Liberation Army in connection with the&n

Coding Error Could Enable Users to Halt LockerGoga Ransomware

Users could potentially use a coding error in some variants of LockerGoga to halt the ransomware’s encryption r

Google Introduces New 2-Step Verification Options for G Suite Accounts

Google has introduced new methods, an updated user interface and other changes through which 2-step verification (2SV

Google Took Down 2.3 Billion Bad Ads Last year

Google this week revealed that it took down 2.3 billion bad ads last year, including 58.8 million phishing ad

Breaking down barriers to effective security with user and entity behavior analytics

The global cyber threat landscape is growing and evolving all the time – but fortunately, so are the technology

Microsoft Azure Tuesday

Microsoft Azure Tuesday is held on 5/Feb/2019 led by Mr. Waseem Awwad – Microsoft MVP – Azure. This event

Microsoft Cloud Security - Palestine


Microsoft Cloud Security:

Microsoft Cloud Security in Palestine, took place this month (April/

What's Next With Facebook?

Facebook and other social networks appear to have crossed the line with respect to privacy and censorship

Microsoft Azure Tech Days
Microsoft Cloud Security Event
Microsoft Tech Day - Palestine
Don't Pay the Hackers

Those who follow security news may have noticed a disturbing trend. Late last year, we learned tha

Leak of Stale iOS Source Code Could Trigger Fresh Problems

Apple lawyers on Wednesday sent a copyright violation notice to Github, following the publication

Fileless Malware: Why You Should Care

t's a truism that just like organizations adapt, so too do criminals. For example, anyone who has ever seen a Wells F